Drones, Can You Fly?

Drones | Can You Fly?

Here we are in the new world of air travel, no not planes, but small flying machines called “Drones”.  What, you don’t have one yet? Oh my, that’s an interesting situation. Hang on, more to come..

Spreading Wings S1000+ + A2 + Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD)

Drones around the world

Everywhere, is appears that the drone market is growing rapidly. Newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers and  even with big companies with affiliate programs for those using the internet to advertise or build a website with pages and posts on how to learn and buy one of these fantastic machines.

Check out the Quadcopter below…Simply amazing what is available now..

489.99USD for XK X380-C GPS Headless Mode Barometer Set High RC Quadcopter

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Choices For All

  • Best Drones For 2016
  • Drones With Cameras
  • Business Drones
  • Adventure Drones
  • Professional Videographer Drones
  • Hobby Drones
  • Hexacopters with Camera
  • Mini Drones
  • Drones For Aerial photography

Our Changing World

The electronic area has been around for a while now. Our young generation are constantly being exposed to new technology. Amazing how our society is adapting and becoming very involved with all that it provides. As an example, the Drones are quickly being used for more than pleasure….

Worlds First Auto-follow Drone | Simply Awesome

When you click on the link below, you will also have the option of watching a video with this drone in action…Once you see it perform, you want to go back and watch it again..

With code”PYFF”, Extra $115 OFF FLYPRO PX400: World’s First Auto-follow and FPV Drone Better than DJI Inspire 1&DJI Phantom 3, Ends 30th April

Serious Use Of Drones

The following are just a few recent additions.

  • Law enforcement using drones for rescue situation
  • Locating missing people
  • Drug enforcement surveillance
  • Monitoring borders
  • Weather fire surveillance

The list continues in all kinds of specialty situation. I hope you have enjoyed reading a little of my obersrvations on drones in our world.

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