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Branding | How To Create  Landing Page

I read somewhere that One of the biggest challenges to online sales is to develop a  landing page that converts into action or a sale. Wealthy Affiliate  training  indicates this is an important part of online success. This page serves as the contact point that the viewer  comes to AFTER an ad has compelled them to take action to get to that page…

Branding | The Challenge 

You can have the best offer ever, but if it is presented in a manner that does not at once capture that viewers imagination enough to want them to move on and click on another link that clearly focusses  them on your offer,  you will lose that sale.

What are the components of a great landing page? 

How about a checklist you can use as guide to make sure that you have covered all the main components of the page in a manner that will assure success. Perhaps a thank you page is also in order as well as a bonus page, to create a sense of trust to the viewers. The message, to the viewers,  should be clear to what lies before and after. Another way to build more trust about your product.

I believe the landing page is a component of a sales funnel, and in that role, it should  convey the offer in a manner that is clear to what lies before and after…Branding

Developing your Branding

I have found that Branding is a very important part of achieving success online. As an example, just the brand names you know related to fast foods, beverage, hotels and so on. The list never ends.

Where to start looking ? Imagination is a great creator of many inventions and great online business sites. once you a website designed look at it and see if it displays any kind of branding icons to compliment your content. Isn’t the idea here to attract visitors to your site because of something special that makes them want to check more of your site out ? Of course it is.

Branding | Why should you develop a Branding profile?

Today it is more than ever to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Smart Branding is Crucial | To Beat your competition in some cases.

Internal Branding Profile |  Core Values, Story, Beliefs etc.

Eternal Branding Profile | Core Scheme, Slogan, Logotype etc. Below is an example of a company Logo..

Car key security alarm

We can equip your car with special keys to any style  you want.

Or a more professional approach..

dice rolling

Branding Your Small Business

To a Higher Level of Success.

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