Improve Your Personal Security, 24 ways

Improve Your Personal Security | 24 ways | Do it now
  1. Always be aware of your personal security.
  2. Excellent buddy plan should be a priority for your safety
  3. Communicate your travel agenda.
  4. Careful using your social media.
  5. Quality choices you make are an excellent way to make you feel more secure.
  6. Take extra steps to protect personal information.
  7. Magnificent idea to keep your mobile phone fully charged, especially when you leave home.
  8. Be aware of what is occurring crime wise in your area. Use common sense.
  9. Brilliant idea to be extra aware when driving alone at night or in strange areas,
  10. Always know how to contact your law enforcement agencies.
  11. When creating online accounts always use a strong password to help protect your data.
  12. Alone at home or in your vehicle, always keep the doors locked and windows closed.

Guard Your Identity Closely. If thieves or hackers get hold of your Social Security number or other personal information, they can steal lots of money, even taking out a mortgage in your name. Follow these tips to keep your identity safer.

<> Protect your Social Security card. Never carry your Social Security card with you. Memorize the number and keep your card in a safe place at home.

<> Watch your wallet. Carry your wallet in your breast pocket if your wearing a jacket. If you’re not, carry it where it’s the most comfortable, but tie a rubber band around it. If someone tries to pick it out of your pocket, chances are you’ll be able to feel it when it’s being removed.

<>…And your purse. Don’t put your wallet in a purse or backpack that you carry over your shoulder. Instead, wear the purse with the strap crossed over the front of your body. Keep the wallet in a zippered compartment.

<> Be Careful with fanny packs. They are easy prey for quick crooks.. In a crowded place, one zip of a knife can open them up before you’re aware of it.

Identity theft is always a serious issue, especially if it happens to you.

Car key security alarm

COMMON SENSE | Beware Of Scams

        1. Practice using the alarm button on your car keys.
        2. Physically drive to your local police station, service station or store so in an emergency such as being followed you have a secure place to seek help.
        3. Never leave your GPS unit visible in your car. A thief could steal it and find out where you live.
        4. The home info on your GPS should be directed to a police station, grocery store etc.
        5. When your planning on being away from your home for an extended period of time, have someone physically check your home so it looks lived in. Flyers or mail left accumulating are indication to thieves that no one is around.
        6. Cell phone security best if a password is required to gain access to your data.
        7. Always park your vehicle under a street light whenever possible.
        8. Be alert and ready to use your vehicle keys as a weapon if necessary.
        9. Never leave your garage opener in plain site to anyone checking out your vehicle.
        10. Avoid walking by yourself especially in parks and walking trails at night.
        11.  Keep your passport in a safe place such as in a bank safety deposit box.
        12. Always remember to keep your gas tank full especially when leaving for a trip.

Improve Your Personal security | A must for everyone

Security | What Does That Mean To You

Family Security for many people has a different meaning. By that I mean that a lot of people never worry about personal or family safety. Some are naïve and others don’t care. It is what it is “for them”.

Security |  For those of you who genuinely believe in the personal security of your family and yourself, there are things you can  do to be a part of your safe community.

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