Our Social World, Are You In It?

Our Social World | Mobile toys | What next ?

I know now why our personal space is getting smaller with each cell phone sale. Yep, I sure do, I think ? Just imaging what it was like a few years ago when you went to a restaurant with a friend for a nice peaceful lunch. Now that was a great way to socialize without buzzing and beeping noises and constant rapid talking from so called social toys ( sorry tools )

Oh My Word | Are We loosing Our Common Sense ?

Yes we are. Let’s go try another higher class café. Darn it. How come the unwelcome social toys are following us around these hectic days ? A few years ago the toys were anchored on a wall, by the back door I might add so as not to disturb our tender minds. ~ lol   Image result for old wall phones

Oh No | The headlinesOut Next Week | New iPhone 6  Image result for cell phone

I didn’t know there was something wrong with iPhone 5. I must have missed the notice about the one year old cell phone being outdated before it hit the market….Do you really believe that blarney ? Your right, I don’t either. Mind games the big boys call it or brainwashing. ~ lol

Hugh savings when we cut our prices | Really ?

Now were getting somewhere. Rework your phone contract to let in the new toy ( whoops…iPhone 6 ) Oh did we forget to mention there is a higher maintenance fee for the new iPhone your have just switched to ? It’s only $76. a month more. And yes you can upgrade your data package so you are always in satellite contact with your online buddies to play your favorite games. We have a special price for you today starting at ….

Breaking News | Wi-Fi reception

Now available almost everywhere you go. That is not good news since I just updated my data package because there were no public Wi-Fi spots. Don’t cry. It gets worse. Only 2 years to go on your costly data plan before your phone is free. Awesome feeling, Yes ? I know that was not a nice thing to say 🙂

At Last | Only on a show case like this can we truly believe

2016 is active with electronic gadgets making it easy to communicate with anyone at anytime. I hear teens mention receiving text messages in middle of night or a phone call to just chat. Really ? Do you know where your children are right now, Mom & Dad ? Really ? Hmm maybe you do not want to know or your counting the minutes past their curfew home time.

My Electronic Toys (tools)

Include an iPhone 5, a laptop and a old desktop computer. I know what your thinking. Really at my senior age what do I need all these gadgets for ?

It’s Getting Late Again..

Goodnight all and don’t forget to plug your phone in so you don’t miss any chat request during the night. lol



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