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Child Safety Kit Scams | Beware Stay Alert

Every once in a while the Child safety kit scams shows up in different communities. That is usually only for you to meet with them so they can sell you a fraudulent insurance policy. Your local Police department showed be contacted so they are aware this is going on. Also many Police departments put child safety seminars on and sometimes provide identification kits for the parents to keep at home and only use in case a child should go missing. Great help to investigators.

 Stay Alert | The best security you can offer your family.

Most people know to keep their doors secure and locked, even when you are at home. Protecting your money and valuables is always a challenge in this day an age. Fraud Prevention is the goal of every law enforcement agency.

STAY ALERT | How to avoid being a Victim.


Teach yourself to know what is going on in your local and surrounding areas of where you live and work. National and local news media, including newspapers,  are constantly reporting different types of crimes occurring on a daily basis. Scams are #1 in many areas.

Lucrative Business

The BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) of Canada has all kinds of information available to general public. Check it out in your local or country where your from. These days you are not safe even in your own home. Scammers are able to reach you through social media, phones, computers and mail.

Reporting Statistics

Unfortunately, many victims are scared or to embarrassed to report that they have been a target of a scam, which is a serious crime. Only about 5% of the money lost through scams or frauds is actually reported. This is one place where family members can help. Be aware and keep in contact with friends and family members especially seniors or those who are medically handicapped.

Types Of Scams

The most harmful scams in terms of financial loss involve phony online romances, which costs victims millions of dollars every year. in some cases many victims have had to declare bankruptcy. Remember scams can target people of any age. The most vulnerable are seniors. They usual are at home during the day to answer the phone or the door. In addition to that seniors tend to be more trusting and may not have family nearby to ask for advice.

Identity Theft

This is another way that criminals can get access to your money. The CAFC, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, is one place to check for ideas on how to protect yourself and your family. remember that there are a variety of successful frauds going around. High-tech thieves have a number of ways to obtain your personal information. Be Aware and don’t make it easy for you to be their next target.


Pay attention to what is going on in the fraud and scam world. Communicate with your families and  friends. Most of all,  if you become a victim or know someone who is, please make sure to notify your local law enforcement agency. they also need help from citizens to try and solve these serious crimes.  Keep notes of what you know so your prepared to assist during the investigation.

Common Sense

At the beginning I mentioned, How to avoid being a victim. Your knowledge and attitude will play a big part your security. With thought in mind I trust that you will share  your knowledge  any way you know how.

Good Practice

It is a great idea to make photo copies of all your important documents in case you should be the victim of theft or loss of your purse or wallet. That way you would know which bank to contact or which documents you need to replace. That goes for passports as well. keep in safe place.

Peace be With You as you navigate our complex world.

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